Our Top 5 Favorite TV Doctors

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Those of us nursing springtime colds, aches, chills, or sore throats need some TLC. And who better to provide it than one of these famous TV doctors? True, they won’t be able to pop out of the screen to nurse you back to health in person, but at least they can provide you with some entertainment while you’re cooped up inside! 😉

Without further ado, here are our favorite small-screen MDs.

5. Jane Seymour as Dr. Michaela Quinn in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993-1998) We were hooked from the big hoop skirts, to the sweeping western plains, and Dr. Quinn’s can-do pioneer attitude. Tackling gender issues in early America in front of the gorgeous, 19th -century Wild West backdrop, the show provided a semblance of a history lesson in the form of great entertainment.


4. Gillian Anderson as Dr. Dana Scully in The X-Files (1993-2002) Okay, the questionable existence of extraterrestrial life—rather than medicine—was the cornerstone of this long-running TV show. But Scully brought a dose of much-needed skepticism to The X-Files, along with a dedicated work ethic—accented, of course, by her gorgeous red hair. If aliens really are out there, it’s comforting to know that this doc is on our side.


3. George Clooney as Dr. Doug Ross in ER (1994 – 1999) How could we forget the character that introduced Clooney into mega-stardom? During his four years on the show, Dr. Ross demonstrated incredible dedication as an ER pediatrician, a good sense of humor, ridiculous chemistry with Carol Hathaway and – oh, yes, that famous smile. Our diagnosis? Irresistible.


2. Hugh Laurie as Dr. House in House (2004-Present) This brilliant doctor is a curmudgeonly, vicodin-addicted, multilingual. He’s also one of the most compelling characters to hit TV airwaves in years. Between the show’s bizarre ailments, the ever-evolving character drama, and the slow-burning relationship between House and Dr. Cuddy, is it any wonder we can’t stop tuning in for more of the doctor’s deadpan humor and genius diagnoses?


1. Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Derek Shepherd & Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey-turned-Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy (2005-Present) Call him the “Mc” heard ’round the world: Dr. Shepherd’s “McDreamy” moniker was partially responsible for the popularization of cutesy McNicknames everywhere (including another one on the show: “McSteamy”). With his lady-killer charm, super-surgeon skills, and Prince Charming looks, it’s not too difficult to see why his future wife gifted him that title. Meanwhile, we fell in love with her, too, the title character of this hit show. Down-to-earth, witty, and yet hopelessly romantic, Meredith Grey was the perfect woman to tame the Doc/Lady-killer, and fans everywhere let out a collective sigh when the couple finally tied the knot (via Post-It!) in season 5.

Of course, these charismatic characters are only a handful of Tinseltown docs: there are so many to choose from. Why do you think shows about doctors are so popular? Who is your favorite MD? Make your case for them in the comments –why should they be counted as one of the all-time-great TV doctors?