Pam Stucky – March Fan of the Month

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We are very excited to introduce you to our March fan of the month, Pam Stucky, a writer and blogger whose first book, Letters from Wishing Rock was recently released. We spoke with Pam about her book, her get-well-sooner tricks, her Cold-EEZE moment… and her love of assembling emergency kits. And yes, you read that last part right – read on to find out more ;)!

What’s your favorite Cold-EEZE flavor?
I love the Mint Frost!

Tell us your favorite “Cold-EEZE saves the day” story:
I love to travel, but planes and the stress of changing time zones can leave a body vulnerable to colds. I never leave home without a pack of Cold-EEZE. Or rather, I ALMOST never do. Recently I went to New York, and shortly after getting there I felt a tickle in the back of my throat. I wasn’t sure if it was just dehydration or the start of a cold, but I had the hotel shuttle take me to the nearest drug store at the earliest opportunity, and I bought myself some Cold-EEZE! I never did get sick, and my trip was saved!

What’s your sick day style?
I am a firm believer in three things to help when you’re sick: (1) drinking tons of water, (2) taking Cold-EEZE every 4 to 6 hours, and (3) sleeping until you can’t sleep anymore, and then sleeping some more. It’s not very exciting, but it works for me!
Will you tell us a little about your upcoming book? Must be a very exciting time for you!
It’s a nice pleasant easy read, something happy that makes me feel good! 🙂 Letters from Wishing Rock follows the lives of Ruby Parker, her friends and family, and the people she meets when she moves to the town of Wishing Rock, a small town on Dogwinkle Island in the waters near Seattle. Letters between the neighbors and their friends chronicle the twists and turns of the characters’ daily lives. And because I love cooking (despite my own lack of skill in this area), I’ve included some of my favorite recipes in the book, passed along by some of Wishing Rock’s best cooks.

You can find out more, and get Pam’s new book here!

What’s your favorite comfort movie?
Nobody puts Baby in a Corner!!Can you beat Dirty Dancing, really? Also Grease, and Contact (Carl Sagan).

What is your tip to a fan suffering from a cold?
I’m not even just saying this: Cold-EEZE! I swear by it! Literally. I stand by it in the drug store and I swear. No, seriously, at the least sign of a tickle, or after I’ve been around someone with a cold, I take Cold-EEZE, and it seems like I hardly ever get sick.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!
For one, I find great joy in being prepared for any emergency, and as such I have three emergency kits, one for my car, one for work, one for home. Since I now work at home, this means that currently I have three emergency kits within 50 feet of where I’m sitting. It’s not so much that I have an obsession with safety; I just really like to purchase and organize little bottles of medicine, boxes of bandages, packages of emergency rations with five-year shelf life. (Yes, really) I have no idea why. But I am prepared!

Job: Writer. Favorite role in life: Being a person who supports and helps others live their dreams.

What’s the best part about the Cold-EEZE community?
The positive, supportive attitude! As I said, that’s as much a key to health as anything else. I am so grateful!!

We can’t wait to read about the Wishing Rock community and try out some recipes! Thanks for your great answers, Pam.

Remember, please let us know if you have an idea for a great fan of the month—we love to get to know our fans!