Cold-EEZE brings you natural allergy relief

Searching for a natural remedy for allergies? Cold-EEZE, the maker of the #1 pharmacist-recommended zinc cold remedy**, introduces Cold-EEZE Natural Allergy Relief™ for relief of the symptoms of indoor and outdoor allergies.

Natural Allergy Relief has a unique formula with premium quality natural herbal extracts. As a homeopathic remedy for allergy relief, this natural allergy remedy provides a safe way to relieve the symptoms of allergies including congestion, itchy eyes, and a runny or stuffy nose.

Each coated caplet provides up to 12 hours of extended release for allergy relief. And as non-drowsy allergy remedy, Natural Allergy Relief won’t make you more tired during the day.

Finding natural allergy relief

For more effective natural allergy relief, combine our product with these strategies for reducing your exposure to pollens:

  • Stay indoors on dry windy days when pollen is likely to be most potent.
  • Let someone else handle the lawn mowing, weeding and garden chores that stir up allergens.
  • Shower before bed or after exercising or working outside to get rid of pollen from your skin and hair.
  • Use a portable high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter in your bedroom.
  • Avoid being outdoors in the morning when pollen counts are at their highest.

In addition to Natural Allergy Relief: Cold-EEZE cold relief products

Natural Allergy Relief is just one of the many products offered by Cold-EEZE. In addition to our natural allergy remedies, we provide:

  • Zinc Cold Shortening products that shorten the duration of your cold.
  • Zinc Cold Shortening PLUS products — to shorten the duration of your cold and provide additional benefits to help you feel better faster.
  • Liquid Cold and Flu Symptom Relief products, to temporarily relieve the symptoms associated with the flu and common cold.
  • Liquid children’s Symptom Relief products, specially formulated to relieve cold symptoms in children.

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**Based on the 2015 OTC Guide