September Fan of the Month

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Our September Fan of the Month is JoBeth, a southern gal who describes herself as one part Jackie O with a pinch of Elly May thrown in. Her blog, Bootsmcblog—the name comes from her nickname, Boots! — is an eclectic representation of those different women. There, JoBeth chronicles everything from fashion to recipes to a mini-history of the expression “hunkering down” (hint: it did come from hunks!) Read on to learn what “The Biscuit” means in JoBeth’s world, how she once had a beauty queen moment—almost—and how Cold-EEZE helped her conquer the hearts of her doctor colleagues!

Name: JoBeth McElhanon Online Nickname: Boots Mc

What’s your favorite COLD_EEZE flavor: Sugar free Honey Lemon (reminds me of a glass of Sweet Tea)

Tell us your favorite COLD-EEZE saves the day story: This is not the typical save the day story…

Early in my career as a Registered Dietitian, I worked with patients post surgery and those with wound healing needs. My research recommended that these patients take a multi-vitamin, get extra vitamin c, and take 20-50 mg each day of Zinc. ZINC?

How was I going to get Zinc into these folks? I kept researching and found that Zinc gluconate was the most absorbable form of zinc. Lo and behold! This is exactly what makes up Cold-EEZE*. Finding an affordable, easy-to-administer cold remedy was a win for the patients and won me – as a young whippersnapper dietitian – some respect with the docs.

What’s your sick day style / comfort movie: Hitting “the biscuit”. The biscuit is what I call my fluffy white bed with its thick down comforter – and the more pillows, the better. I’ve found a full day of rest with Audrey Hepburn movies help me bounce back quicker and with added grace. In the winter I love a hot cup of orange spice tea with honey in a pretty china teacup. In the spring and summer, I want an ice cold lemon lime soda with a straw. The straw is the key. 🙂

Favorite Comfort Book: Although I’m an avid reader, I’m more likely to curl up with magazines (InStyle, Vogue, Eating Well, Veranda, and Town & Country) on a sick day.

Favorite Way to Stay Healthy: Eating healthy, of course! When I am eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meat, I feel my best. My body is equipped with the nutrients it needs to battle a bug.

Tip to Fan suffering from a cold: REST! It used to be very hard for me to do. I adore having a full dance card, but I have learned the hard way the best thing to do is stop and be still. Take an afternoon or full day to rest. Oftentimes allowing your body the rest it needs will keep the cold from manifesting…and will keep you from missing an important meeting or fun party.

Most Fun Blog to Read: There are so many incredible blogs that I discover daily. My blog reader is getting out of control. For FUN and STYLE, I adore Mrs. Lilien Styling House. The vibrant hues, her graphic designs and her quirky collections make it one I never want to miss.

Funny Anecdote about myself to Showcase personality:

A few years ago, I was asked to be a speaker at a statewide nutrition conference. I arrived at the packed conference center and walked up a staircase to a grand hall. In the hall were hundreds of older, distinguished looking gentlemen. This didn’t look like a typical Nutrition Conference. As I got a few steps onto the carpet, all the men grew quiet and started looking at me. A wee panic set in. I looked down at my new dress. It was covering everything. I looked to my new shoes. No toilet paper stuck to them. This is where we girls can choose one of two modes of thinking a) I’ve done something terribly wrong or b) I’ve done something right. The stars aligned to make me opt for option b. My confidence soared. I began to think…My workout regime, my new duds, and my freshly highlighted hair must have made me the head turner. When I reached the check in desk for the nutrition conference room. I turned…and out of the corner of I saw a flash of RED. There she stood… Miss Arkansas. In her cute red suit and glitter sash, perfect blonde curls, and a huge crown on her head. She had been walking behind me… the entire time. She was there to address the Statewide County Judges convention also being held in the center. It was a great lesson in humility for me. I often use this as a reminder: whatever I do isn’t about me but about keeping my eyes on the heavenly crown and humbly living out my faith.

Job: I am Registered Dietitian and Non Profit Marketer. I have taken the last two years for a creative sabbatical. I began my photography and blogging, but I found my most rewarding role was that of a community volunteer. My personal mission is to work with organizations that empower women to live strong, gracious, beautiful lives. Over the years, I have worked with women leadership orgs, domestic violence shelter, a residential center for teens and created a mentoring program for women within my church.

Favorite Place you’ve been so far: San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California. It is a little piece of heaven. Beautiful grounds of roses, lavendar, rosemary around quaint cottages.

Next Place I am hoping to go: France is on my “to-deux” list. I have a big birthday in a few years. I hope to celebrate touring the French countryside and popping champagne next to the Eiffel Tower.

Best Part of the Cold-EEZE community:
Fun, encouraging, engaging spirit. In addition to a great product, Cold-EEZE has a great team. I think y’all found the key to health… laughter + Cold-EEZE is the magic remedy.

Thanks so much for sharing these details about your life, JoBeth! We’re particularly inspired by how she put everything on-hold to become a full-time blogger and volunteer (blogunteer?) On Bootsmcblog, JoBeth invites her readers grab a glass of sweet tea and check out what she calls her tales of “flair and folly.” But after getting to know her, we think JoBeth offers up a lot more flair than folly… don’t you agree?!

Tell us: what’s one embarrassing story that JoBeth’s beauty-queen moment reminds you of?

*Disclaimer: Cold-EEZE is intended to be a cold remedy and not a dietary supplement.