Share Your Cause, Not Your Cold!

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At Cold-EEZE, we’ve always felt strongly about being involved in the community. Being involved with charitable work in your community, for instance, helps out those who share our planet, but who are also our neighbors, those who share the spot on this planet that we call our home. Plus, we also love that it helps our own selves grow into more caring, productive, and involved human beings! We’ve even read that it has some real health benefits too! There’s no downside; Pitching in is close to our heart and fulfills a key Cold-EEZE mission—ensuring everyone involved gets well sooner!

With that in mind, we’re very excited to announce the launch of Cold-EEZE’s Share Your Cause, Not Your Cold program!

It’s very simple: Cold-EEZE fans nominate their favorite charitable cause for a chance to win $1,000!

Cold-EEZE will pick five finalists each month, and then Cold-EEZE fans will vote for one winner every month, for eighteen months!

So there will be plenty of opportunities to nominate the causes you care most about, get everyone you know to spread the word and vote, and help them win!

How do you enter? Easy! Visit the “Cold-EEZE® Share Your Cause, Not Your Cold” Program Nomination page and share with us the details of your cause and why you think it deserves to win. If you have one, upload a photo too! (Make sure you get permission, of course). It will help get more votes for your cause!

If your cause is picked as a finalist, make sure you let everyone know! The cause with the most votes wins! Each fan gets 5 votes per day, so take advantage!

We can’t wait to hear all about the local causes that you care most about in your community, share them with our entire community, and to help contribute to them!