Sick “Chic”: 7 Pampering Tips

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We all do our best to stay healthy—eating well, thinking positively, and popping our Cold-EEZE lozenges when we feel the first signs of a cold. But even with all of those measures, pesky colds–from time to time –creep into our lives. We also know that a little pampering can go a long way! So, in the spirit of the Sugar Free Pomegranate “diva” inside us, this week we’re talking “chic” tips to help you feel better even when you’re under the weather!

Do them separately, chronologically, in reverse order—whatever feels right. Without further ado, here are 7 ways to be sick chic!

1. Focus on the face first
One all-too-frequent sick-day side effect is eye puffiness. And between the difficulty that we have falling asleep while under the weather, and the bleariness that we suffer when awake, it’s no wonder that the eyes have it tough during illness. Cheryl Kramer, Redbook beauty editor, comes to the rescue with some great tips for minimizing under eye-puffiness!

2. Make a soothing DIY home spa

Too often, we rush through busy days without stopping—go, go, go. So being trapped in the house all day—even under less than ideal circumstances—is a good excuse to take a moment for ourselves. Like in the form of a relaxing face mask! We like that the following recipes use ingredients you’re bound to already have around the house. They are bound to help soothe your sick-frazzled-state! (We included a link to a more complex one at the end, for those who are a little more ambitious in their cosmetology skills…;))

Chamomile Porridge Mask
½ cup of strong chamomile tea
¼ cup of porridge or oatmeal

Mix the above together and leave for a few minutes to allow the porridge to thicken. Apply to your face and neck area for at least 15-20 minutes while you relax. Rinse off with warm water over a sink as this can be messy. Use a toner and moisturizer to finish.)

For a more complex option, try this Soothing Lavender Face Mask.

3. Take a glam bubble bath
A bubble bath of any kind is a decadent (and, let’s face it, often necessary) sick day ritual. But here’s our vote for upping the indulgence factor one extra notch. This fabulous vanilla cake-scented bubble bath is like bathing with your favorite dessert. It’s hard not to feel better after that sort of treatment!

4. Get into the cutest pajamas
After relaxing in the bath, why not continue the glamour by putting on some cute PJs? After a few moments wearing this silky, luxurious yet comfy outfit , you’re bound to feel more chic than sick!

5. Drink a deliciously “chic” smoothie

Sometimes when we’re sick, our appetites go out the window. But it’s important to make sure we’re getting our nutrients. Our Strawberries & Cream Cold-EEZE flavor inspired us to look for an exotic, refreshing, and nutrient packed smoothie version. We love that you can lighten these up using yogurt or skim milk, or make them rich and decadent — whichever your mood (and refrigerator contents) demand!

6. Stay comfy-chic
And for the truly dedicated “give-me-comfort-when-I’m-sick” fans, here is a tried and true classic, the Slanket. With all the colors and patterns, “sick chic”-ness does not get more comfortable than this!

7. Sick chic on the go
All too often in our busy lives, we aren’t feeling our best, but don’t have the luxury to take the day off! So we reached out to Amanda Davis at The Fashionable Housewife to learn about her tricks of the trade.

“We at The Fashionable Housewife and The Fashionable Girl would have to say that our best tip for feeling chic while being sick is to do your best to maintain your regular beauty regimen if at all possible but always accessorize with an awesome scarf! Scarves serve a multitude of purposes… They are effortless and provide warmth, comfort, style and sass!”

Great tip! Plus, scarves are a great way to practice some chic cold etiquette and keep from spreading too many germs around when you cough or sneeze!

Now that we’ve shared our favorite ways to keep our chin up when we’re under the weather, we really want to hear about your favorite ways to stay “sick chic”! And keep in mind that we have a loose definition of “chic”! Anything that makes you feel fabulous counts for us! 😉