Social Media Round-Up

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Happy December! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the frantic fun of the holiday lead-up. We gave our thanks last month for having such an enthusiastic and supportive group of fans. This month, we wanted to share a few posts that show that you’re not only supportive, you’re fun and engaged online! We love that you’ll talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog, and answer all of our questions. Here are some of our favorite contributions from our questions this past month.

We began “Dueling Tuesdays” on our Facebook page this past month, where we ask our fans to weigh in on very important topics. Our first battle was polling you all on whether you prefer our Strawberries & Cream or Cherry flavored lozenges. Cherry edged out in the end; we couldn’t help but laugh when Eldred F. chimed in: “there’s a strawberry one?!” It might not have been the point of the whole thing, but if Dueling Tuesdays helped a Cold-EEZE lover discover a new favorite flavor, well, that’s just an added bonus!

The next Tuesday, we asked which you preferred: fuzzy slippers, or cozy socks. Opinions were divided, but we had to laugh at Katie R.’s definitive response: “Cozy socks, hands down. (Or would that be feet down?)” We’re all for starting a new movement to re-coin that phrase…especially since cozy socks ultimately did win the fan vote!

We also loved to hear what you had to say during our Caption Contest posted below. Check out Elizabeth M.’s winning comment that made us laugh out loud –see if you can come up with one of your own!

Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Facebook fans participate in fun contests.

We asked you to fill in the blank about one thing you daydream about when you’re sick. Ron J. emphatically responded: “chocolate!” while Ralph F. shared his sick-day happy place: the beach.

On Twitter we asked you another “fill-in-the-blank”. This time, we wanted to know your thoughts – if “sickness was a color it would be ____ because ____.”

Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Twitter followers engage with Cold-EEZE for fun tips and monthly prizes.

We totally agree – and may we also add “because you want to shorten it in its tracks!”

Thanks for keeping us entertained and on our toes with your great answers! And for those who haven’t already, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and participate in our contests! That way you can tell us all about your favorite Cold-EEZE flavor, your best sick day ever, and why crazy socks (or make that fuzzy slippers!) are just about the best invention since, well, Cherry Cold-EEZE (or was that Strawberries & Cream?)

Cheers to a healthy December! Let it snow…