Social Media Roundup

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Happy October! We’re just starting to feel the fall click into place—how about where you are? With the change of the seasons upon us, the time feels right to announce a new tradition: a monthly social media round-up where we highlight one of the things that (in our opinion) makes our company so awesome… you, our fans! Cold-EEZE fans took to the Twittersphere and Facebook pages this month to talk up our product. We wanted to share some of our favorite comments:

Alfredo C. wrote:

Apparently we’re popular amongst students, because Maggie M. shared:

@PCFclub tweeted:

We hope that a pesky cold didn’t get in the way of your wedding plans!

We talked David M. through the process of trying his first Cold-EEZE. He wrote, “Trying it for the first time today! Feel a cold coming on! Hope it works as you say!” Less than a day later, he shared that he had become a Cold-EEZE believer—and we were so glad to see a Cold-EEZE conversion unfold in real time!

Then we had a few cheekier comments that we wanted to share because they made us laugh, and well, laughter is the best medicine (along with a healthy dose of Cold-EEZE, of course ;))

@Malkatz tweeted:

On Facebook Lee B. wrote:

Thank you so much for sharing all of the Cold-EEZE love this past month. Having such a fun, supportive fan base is just another perk of the job—and we definitely love you back. Remember, we’ll be doing these round-ups on the regular, so don’t forget to keep tweeting, facebook-ing, and commenting, and you could end up in here, too!