Social Media Round-Up

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Happy New Year Cold-EEZE fans! December was an action-packed month and we had a lot of fun chatting with you all in our Facebook and Twitter communities.

In December, we asked you to fill in lyrics to the holiday season classic, The Twelve Days of Christmas, by sharing a caption for the funny photos we posted each day! As usual, your creative juices and passion for all things Cold-EEZE blew us away. We hope that those who followed the lyric-making, and for those learning about it now for the first time will enjoy the full, completed The 12 Days of Sickmas. Each day this past month, we looked forward to hearing what you’d contribute to our new, goofy photo. And, as always, you never disappointed us!

Sally kicked things off on the first day of Sickmas, sharing “My Mommy and my Trusty Blankeee.” We can just hear that playing along with the famous tune can’t you?

On the second day of Sickmas, Deb contributed the winning line: “Two Tons of Tissues!”

We decided Amy S.’s contribution of “3 Oogie Boogies” was too funny to be ignored—so that rounded out the official lyrics for day #3!

On the fourth day of Sickmas we couldn’t resist Linda’s idea for the caption: “Four Creeps a Hacking!”

On the fifth day of Sickmas, Stefanie contributed a fanciful lyric to our picture of several cones: “Five Sprinkles Sneezing!”Creeps a Hacking!” 

On the sixth day of Sickmas, Allen came up with the winner: “Six unBEARable Fevers.”

Ouch! Rhonda T. contributed for our seventh day of Sickmas: “Seven Snotty Sneezes!” 

Our true love was no kinder on the eighth day, when Joan supplied the pitch-perfect caption for the picture: “8 Horrible Headaches.”

On the ninth day of Sickmas, Ruby came up with a lyric to match our visuals perfectly: “Nine Yucky Viruses!”

And for Day 10, Stephanie contributed the next line: “10 Feverish Frosties!”

Things were looking up a little on day 11, when Linda came up with our official verse line: Eleven Capons Cooking!”

On the final day of Sickmas, you would think that our true love would take mercy. Alas, that was not to be! Jim came up with the final lyric: “Twelve Headaches Pounding.”  So true to the caption—which in turns, looks oh-so painful.

We hope that all of your Christmases were considerably more peaceful – and, with the help of some lozenges, with much shorter colds!

Which lyric was your favorite? Beyond our Facebook page, here’s what a few of you were sharing with us in the Twittersphere last month:

@BillyHallowell wrote what sounded like an old fashioned letter: “Dear @Coldeeze, it’s that time of year again. I’m getting the sniffles! I’m heading out to get some of you right now (that sounds odd).” We don’t think it sounds odd at all – be our guest, and load right up! J

@Jrnoded had a clever idea: “Heading to Walt Disney World this weekend. Taking some along to combat all the little germs you can run into there.”

@Jacques_Gingras had a simpler message—one of holiday gratitude. “Thank you @coldeeze” he tweeted, “for helping me get rid of my cold. #zincisawesome.” Funny that you mention it – we happen to agree!

@RoxanaSpiridon tweeted about how—just when she’d seen an on-air promotion and was telling her mother how she’d need to stock up on Cold-EEZE—her mother popped out a bag of Cold-EEZE. We can’t help but think that the timing on that was excellent!

Thanks for helping us ring in the holiday season so memorably, and for making this past year such a fun and wonderful one!

Our New Year’s resolution? Aside from continuing to make the best cold remedy we can, we want to keep talking to you, our fans, getting to know you, and incorporating as much feedback of yours as possible. Tell us, do you have a New Year’s resolution? If so, what is it?