Cold Lozenges Testimonials

  • I tried Cold-EEZE last week after I felt a full-fledged bomb of a cold coming on. Man, oh man, it did the job!!! Thank you, thank you.
    Joe R.|In good health, here in Buffalo, N.Y.
  • I tried Cold-EEZE last week after I felt a full-fledged bomb of a cold coming on. Man, oh man, it did the job!!! Thank you, thank you. Joe R.|In good health, here in Buffalo, N.Y.
  • I love Cold-EEZE.  Ever since I discovered it six years ago, I keep a lozenge in my purse at all times, so that at the first sign of a cold, no matter where I am, I can pop one in my mouth.   JoAnn S.|Middleton, WI
  • I can't get over how well Cold-EEZE works.  After taking Cold-EEZE the cold seems to disappear.  All symptoms are gone and the cold is done in two to three days.  I love it!  Thank you so much. Debbie V.
  • I take Cold-EEZE at the first sign of a cold & have bought a box for everyone in my family and laud them to all of my friends. And YES they really, really work!!!! Barbara W.
  • I love Cold-EEZE because it helps me feel better faster - when I feel a cold coming on I start taking it right away. Within two to three days I am feeling better. By the end of the week, the cold is gone. Niki H.
  • I just wanted to write and say "Thank You" for helping me with limiting my colds for the past few years.  Whenever I feel my throat getting sore or a sniffle coming on I pop some Cold-EEZE and I'm feeling better in no time.  I know that your product has saved a lot of my sick days along with discomfort and suffering.  Thanks again. Jamie S.|Bristol, CT
  • A friend of mine told me about Cold-EEZE.  I tried them and they are wonderful!  I now recommend them to other friends and family.   I keep a supply in my night stand in case I feel a sore throat developing in the night.  If so, I pop one in my mouth and within hours I feel better.  I also carry a couple in my purse and have a supply in my desk at work.   Thanks for making it easier to stay healthy! Mary S.
  • I recently started coming down with a sore throat and head cold.  I know if I can head it off at the pass early enough with Cold-EEZE, it doesn’t last as long and it isn’t as bad. I had my husband go to the store at 5:30 AM to get me some before he left for work. I just knew if I had to wait until he got home, it would be too late and the sore throat would have been worse.  It did the trick, as it always does.  In just a couple of days I was as good as new!  Thank you Cold-EEZE and Ted for making a career change to run the company. Good decision.  Linda S.|California
  • I just wanted you to know that no matter what time of year it is I am never without your product. I work in the medical field and am exposed daily to all sorts of germs. At the first sign of a cold, which for me is usually a "sniffle" and a bit of a sore throat, I start my Cold-EEZE and I am able to knock out the cold before it can get me down and out. No time missed from work is an important thing and Cold-EEZE helps me to achieve that.  Thank you, Deanna C.
  • I just wanted to let you know that I tried the Cold-EEZE for the first time this fall and it worked wonderful!!! The taste was great!!! I work in a school with small children and with the first sign of a cold, I began Cold-EEZE and it worked within 2 days!!! I have recommended Cold-EEZE to all my co-workers and they have loved it too!! Nancy B.
  • I am a pharmacist who works in retail and have for over 40 years.  Products for cold relief come and go. I started using Cold-EEZE about 3 years ago and it is the ONLY product that I recommend for cold relief. I do recommend other products for specific symptoms but for the whole cold ONLY Cold-EEZE. In my personal use of the product I have found that it shortens the duration and lessens the symptoms. I wish I could find a product this good in other categories to both use and recommend. Thank you for making this available. Mel S.
  • Just got back from the store with some "Cold-EEZE". Before bed my husband mentioned that he has a little sore throat.  Well I know exactly what to do, it's "Cold-EEZE".  Cold-EEZE makes me a hero every time. At work in my desk I have a community drawer in it I keep pens, scissors, granola bars, etc., and Cold-EEZE.  At the first sign of colds the Account Executives fill their pockets with Cold-EEZE.  The new box looks great and the Cherry Flavor is wonderful.  Thanks for keeping things natural. Carolyn L.
  • My husband and I have been using Cold-EEZE since it first came out.  We both swear by it.  I can tell you that neither of us have had a "full on" cold since we started using your product.  Its effectiveness never ceases to amaze me.   Thank you for such a terrific product. Dan And Lynn B.|Gadsden, AL
  • My nephew told me about Cold-EEZE a few years ago, and it is the best product I've ever used to help deal with cold symptoms, especially a sore throat. As long as I catch it--the earlier I catch it--the better I seem to be able to fend them off.  Thanks so much. Bill G.|Portland, OR
  •   I started with what felt like the beginning of a full-fledged cold (sneezing, runny nose, headache) so began using Cold-EEZE immediately. By the next day, I was feeling 95% improved! A one-day cold! Wow! A nurse friend told me about them. I carry a couple in my purse & have a supply at home--never without them again. Joyce P.
  • Just want to let you know that Cold-EEEZE has been an integral part of my cold therapy for ten years.  It works great and I have recommended it to many friends over the years.    Your newer version is even better than the original in that it does not leave the zinc taste in my mouth, and yet it still gives me the same relief.  My hat is off to you for this great product! Mary Ann M.|Falls Church, VA
  • I just wanted you to know I've always bought the Cold-EEZE for my family to use during cold and flu season.  We live in Michigan and as soon as school starts, my 2 children start fighting colds right away. I've recently bought a pack of the sugar free Cold-EEZE and LOVE the taste!! I'm a dentist so having the lozenge be sugar free is perfect-fight the cold without the tooth decay! I'm recommending the sugar free brand to ALL my patients this year! I believe in your product 100 percent-it tastes great and doesn't have the sugars that dentists scorn! :)  Kim S.
  • My husband and I first saw Cold-EEZE on the Today Show back in the early to mid 90's. We began taking it at the first sign of a cold. (Sore throat, Nasal discomfort, Congestion.) It has never failed us. We always start a regimen as soon as we identify a problem. The results have been amazing. We recommend it to our friends, family and acquaintances. It's been a life-saver for us during cold and flu season. Thank you for such an amazing product. We are Cold-EEZE fans forever.  Kelly and Yola G.
  • I believe in Cold-EEZE, and will not buy anything but the real thing.  I always recommend it to my friends, and end up giving them lozenges. I've got to stop that, cause then there are none for me.  Mary M.
  • I love your new flavor. Have been using Cold-EEZE for years and recommend it to all. My son is a true believer. He starts popping the Cold-EEZE as soon as he gets the feeling of a cold - just like his dad. Keep up the good work! And with your product, so can I. Haven't missed a day of work in over 15 years! Jim L.
  • I love Cold-EEZE because I have been able to minimize colds by taking a few Cold-EEZE whenever I think I might have a cold developing.  I have shared them with my family, my co-workers, and high school kids involved in a stage production who always seem to be sharing germs with each other.  It's a wonderful product!   Nancy T.|Northfield, MN
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