Throwback to The Captions That Delighted Fans Last Year

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Happy New Year, Cold-EEZE fans! We hope you are basking in the unseasonably mild temperatures (we’re talking to you, East coasters) and excited for what 2016 will offer. We appreciate reading your questions and thoughts about cold relief and everything else on Facebook, Twitter and our blog – and for participating in our social contests – and dedicate this Throwback Thursday to our favorite fan submissions of last year.

Check out Danielle Hernandez’s winning holiday cat commentary:

Why Me

Andrea Mallory’s fitting “Up” caption (courtesy of Dug the Talking Dog):

Found Da Ball

Katie Rowell’s kitty caption from May:

Out of Catnip

This “deep in thought” monkey caption from Heather Dannenhauer-Hipkins featured another furry friend:

Pondering Life

Birgit Mueller Barksdale’s caption to this awe-worthy photo:

Oh Wait

Maureen McCullagh’s reminder last February to ALWAYS listen to your mother:

Momma Said

Leah Beman showing sass never sleeps

Place Treat Cat

This spot-on #lifestruggles caption from Blake Fox:

Long Day Sleeping

Susan P. Vogel in March demonstrating how cats can be, shall we say… picky:

Ew Cat

And this laugh-out-loud grumpy cat caption from Donna Talarico-Beerman:

No Latte

That’s a wrap – thanks to all of our fans for amusing us with your perfectly fitting captions! To submit your funny comments for a chance to be featured, check back on our Facebook page for more fun each Wednesday. For those who haven’t already, make sure to follow us on Twitter and stay in-the-know by reading the Cold-EEZE blog.