Tips for Staying Healthy This Spring

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Spring is in the air… so make the best of that fresh (okay, somewhat pollinated ;)) air. Here are our favorite tips to help take care of you this season, and ensure that you spring into summer with your head, your heart and your body all feeling their best!

1. Identify Your Symptoms
With a record-breaking allergy season this year, now it’s more important than ever to make sure you’ve got the correct diagnosis before you start treating what ails you. So when you feel a tickle in your throat, try to determine if you’ve got a cold or allergies! See our previous posting on the subject to help figure it out, and don’t forget to see a doctor if the symptoms linger!

2. Spring Clean the Healthy Way
Spring cleaning is a bit of a Catch-22: there are few things more calming than a house free of clutter—and few things more stressful than the prospect of cleaning everything out! So here’s a tip: break down the tasks into manageable projects by setting goals for one afternoon, or one weekend, and in a month or six weeks, you will have made great progress! And check out these tips for ensuring that the cleaning products you’re using are healthy.

3. Get Out! Spend Some Time Outdoors
It turns out that there’s a reason why you feel happier spending tons of time outdoors. Well, actually, there are several reasons. For starters, the increase of light is proven to elevate people’s moods, and research indicates that the exposure to Vitamin D may help prevent everything from cancer to depression to heart attacks. Additionally, those who spend a lot of time outdoors are more likely to get more physical exercise, simply because they’re out and about and enjoying the beautiful weather. So grab your sunscreen, a picnic lunch, a good book or a fun game, and just do it—spend some time outside!

4. Make a Meal with Fresh Farmer’s Veggies!
One of our favorite things about the spring is that the freshness of the vegetables and produce offered just speaks for itself, increasing not only the deliciousness of the meal, but also the health factor—with such vibrant flavors, you don’t need to weigh down your recipes with extra oil or sauce. Here’s one of our favorite simple recipes best enjoyed when the days are getting longer, Spring Salad!

5. Volunteer
Giving back is a great way to spend time outside and have a great time doing it. Just visit the fantastic, type in where you are and what kind of activity you’d like to volunteer for, and voila! You’ll be inspired by the range of volunteering opportunities in your area, and will be helping out in no time!

Now that we’ve shared our favorite tips, we want to know your advice for staying healthy, happy and active this spring!