When Sick Days Strike…On Your Favorite TV Shows

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On television, actors often seem so picture perfect—stylish haircuts, beautiful clothes, makeup done just right—that they can sometimes be difficult to relate to. So it’s always interesting in those rare incidences when the Hollywood glamour comes off and our favorite characters experience one of the most common, annoying tribulations of a mere mortal: they get sick. It helps that these are none-too-serious sitcoms: in other words, the sickness is for comic relief, so we don’t have to feel too bad finding the comedy in their lack of relief!

1. The Big Bang Theory – “Code Milky Green”

In this episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon comes down with a brutal cold and forces Penny to re-live every way that his mother took care of him when he was sick. We can’t help but admire his persistence and creativity in making sure that he gets pampered the way he wants by the first unsuspecting by-stander—in this case, poor Penny. Meanwhile, this episode also demonstrates how people will bend the rules for indulging you extra when you’re feeling under the weather—something that, ahem, we encourage our Cold-EEZE fans to do whenever appropriate! 😉

2. The Cosby Show – “Germs love to party!”

Being sick when you are little (or in Sheldon’s case, not-so-little) is all about parent-provided TLC. The near universality of that experience is why we love this The Cosby Show clip, in which Dr. Huxtable comforts his sick daughter, Ruby. You can practically see Dr. Huxtable straining for an answer as he explains to Ruby that those “tritopenoprzes” germs, simply “love to party!” It’s a really adorable scene, plus, it’s also comforting to imagine that, when we’re bedridden and our bodies are under siege from germs, according to Dr. Huxtable, germs like you if you’re cute!

3. Friends – “This Chick Sounds Good!”

Who could forget that Friends classic “sick-pisode”, in which zany Phoebe comes down with a cold and decides it makes her singing voice deeper and sexier. When she loses her cold, Phoebe—convinced that her singing abilities have plummeted—becomes near hysterical to get it back. (Her attempts include trying nasty ways to catch Monica’s germs and sticking her head out of a freezing cold window. Warning: do not try this at home!) We love how the episode turns audiences’ expectations on their head as Phoebe attempts to do the unthinkable to keep her cold!

4. 30 Rock – “Dance for it”

During those cold months, flu shots are hot commodities, helping to stave off one of winter’s most unwelcome byproducts. Especially those years when they’re in short supply, it’s interesting to think about the lengths one would go to get their hands on the good stuff! Well, look no further. That question is answered by this clip of Liz Lemon, from 30 Rock, which makes us chuckle every time we watch.

5. Parks and Recreation – “Network connectivity problems”

How many times have we all Googled our symptoms? Anything ranging from a persistent cough to a fever to a headache? These days, many people will even use Web MD as a replacement for our real-life MDs! (Which is, of course, not recommended!) This Parks and Recreation clip—when Leslie comes down with a horrible flu—knowingly winks at our Internet reliance when Andy fails to get online access and Leslie is left with a less than reliable diagnosis :).

Stoic or manic, silly or sleepy, everyone’s sick day style is totally unique—and the same goes for on-screen characters! Tell us, which of these clips do you relate to most?

Share your favorite scenes in which sick days strike on the small screen!