You Could Be on TV with the Cold-EEZE Thank You Line!

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Update: Thank you for all of the calls! We’ve closed this line for now. Like us on Facebook to join our fun community and learn about future promotions and contests.


One of the best parts of managing Cold-EEZE’s online presence is getting to know our wonderful fans better, and hearing all of your feedback. Which is why we’re especially excited to announce the launch of a dedicated Cold-EEZE phone line—the Cold-EEZE Thank You Line!


It’s pretty simple: if you’ll call in to tell us about your experiences with Cold-EEZE, we know that you’re really a great fan; so, thank you!

The best part? If you call in before July 15th and we love your message, we might even invite you to be in our upcoming TV commercial!

Do you have a great story about when you first heard about us? Want to tell us about a time when our lozenges saved the day? Or maybe you just simply want to express why you love ’em so much! Call in to [update: lines now closed] (toll free!) and let us know!

So many of you have been so enthusiastic and responsive that we can’t wait to hear your stories in your own voices, with all the excitement you always show us when responding on our Facebook Page, blog, or on twitter.

It’s very easy. Just call toll-free [update: lines now closed] to leave your message. Make sure to leave your first and last name, city and state, phone number, and email address. And speak clearly! We want to make sure we can understand every part of your story and your contact information!

We can’t wait to hear you and your stories. Call the Thank You Line now!