Your Comforting and Quirky Cold Remedies Revealed!

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One of our favorite things to discuss with our fans is how they get well sooner – whether it’s chatting about their most beloved Cold-EEZE flavor, their guilty pleasure sick day movies, or cherished childhood memories of being taken care of when feeling lousy—you always have so much to contribute! With this in mind, we launched our Comforting or Quirky Cold Remedy Contest. And once again, our fans all truly delivered, participating in the contest in record numbers. When the contest had run its course, we were left with twelve winners. The two that were chosen by the judges were recipients of $500 American Express Gift Cards, and ten that were voted on by all of our fans received Cold-EEZE care packages!

We said in our contest rules that we were looking for entries that would make us curious about the remedy and the person who submitted it. Your entries did all that and more, so we couldn’t just keep them to ourselves!

In the “laugh” column, we were swayed by Mike G., who won the Judge’s prize with his remedy that definitely fell on the quirky end of the spectrum: “I hate to even think about it,” he wrote. “My grandmother made a mixture of mustard, petroleum jelly, and cayenne pepper and rubbed it on our chest in order to ‘Get out the cough’. It smelled terrible and the stench would last for days. I smelled like a hot dog.” The scent of a hot dog emanating from our own bodies seems like one of the last things in the world we’d want to sniff on a sick day. But there is something to be said about the “older and wiser” expression, so we’re sure his grandmother knew best!

Hot Dog on a Plate

Carol B., the other grand prize winner, swayed our judges with her creative and very precise recipe for a homemade cold syrup: “fill a mason jar with apple cider vinegar, and add a clove of garlic, and cover tightly with a cloth and rubber band for 24 hours. After those 24 hours, add a few drops of honey to make it sweet (to taste), and drink two tablespoons every two hours.” We’re probably going to be adding a lot of honey to this one when we try it!

Bulb of Garlic

This contest also had some Cold-EEZE thrown into the mix, by way of Cynthia B., who told us that she pops a few in her bag to take during the day. She also loves hot water with lemon and honey. But Cynthia was not the only citrus fan. Lorah D. cuts a lemon in half and sucks out the juice! Diana H., on the other hand, had an intriguing remedy we’d never heard of: “heat orange juice in a pan and drink it slowly.”


Some of our fans had suggestions that were right in line with the “cold-banishing” medical advice that we’ve discussed on our blog before. Heather Z. is a fan of humidifiers: “it helps loosen things up so I can breathe better and get well quicker!” Darlene W. was a fan of gargling, something she learned growing up from her father: “He would tip his head back and swallow a huge gulp and start making those strange gargling noises… this ritual is something I have inherited because the first thing I grab is a cup full of warm salt water to make my sore throat feel better!” We love how she brought her childhood memory of her father taking care of his cold into the mix.

Like Darlene, Kelly B. adapted her parents’ remedies for the next generation: “my parents had a cure-all remedy for colds. I had to swallow a teaspoon of honey and gargle with warm salt and water, and sleep with a vaporizer.” She added her own spin on it, taping “a cotton ball with eucalyptus oil on it to my kids headboards of their beds, add lavender in their bath water and add peppermint in their vaporizer [sic].” That sounds pretty good to us! Anna M. also let the role of family and comfort take center stage in her remedy. She has seven children, “and lots of experience on how to comfort them while they are sick.” We can only imagine! Chicken soup “is a must”, along with a warm bath with eucalyptus, snuggling them under a blanket and stroking their hair so they can fall asleep quickly. This sweet remedy goes a long way in showing that getting well sooner can often have much to do with feeling taken care of and loved.

So, fans, which one of these recipes made you smile? Laugh out loud? Wince a bit? Do you have any cold remedies that you want to share? We’d love to hear ’em! Talk back to us below!