4 Best Sick Day “Pity Party” Movies

You’re sick. What. A. Bummer. Most of us will likely try to put on a brave face, suck it up and fight the symptoms so we can get on with our lives. But really, inside, all we want is to be transported right back to our childhood days, where mom, dad, grandma etc. used to care for our every need, give us special treats, when we could stay home from school in bed, eat popsicles and watch TV all day.

Nowadays, though, ain’t nobody got time for that! It’s not so easy to get a proper sick day for yourself, though we know it’s the ideal way to really get better. With responsibilities and a world that keeps on going and going, no matter the state of our sinuses, and often no one at home to help, it can get pretty miserable. We know. Adulting is hard! Our solution? Get those much-needed sick day indulgences in small doses. Like throwing yourself a little “pity party” movie marathon at the end of a long day of adulting-while-sick. Grab the ice cream and some extra boxes of tissues.

Our Favorite Sick Day Pity Party Movies

The Notebook

Allie and Noah’s beautiful, tormented, gooey love story is the perfect escape from the tragedies of your current state, with the added benefits of beautiful people, vintage costumes and fun.

Marley and Me

Any animal lover will agree that this lovely movie is like a big doggy hug. Warm and fuzzy. The funny, moving story of Marley and his family will warm even the coldest hearts (we’re looking at you, cats! ;))

Step Mom

The very definition of a tear-jerker. A terminally ill mom having to pass the baton to the new “stepmom”? Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts? Pass those tissues.

Moulin Rouge

A super fun, elaborate pop-culture-fueled musical, a tragically doomed love story, with spectacular sets and costumes and movies to boot. Need we say more?

So go on, get it all out. Gripe, complain. Be a big baby. Call mom. Park yourself on your bed in some impossibly comfortable clothes, eat your favorite comfort food, listen to your favorite tunes, read a favorite book. Wallow, steep in the misery and put on one of these amazing, gut-wrenching, yet wonderful movies!

What are your favorite sick day “pity party” movies? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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