5 Easy and Healthy Soups for the Cold and Flu Season

Up here in our neck of the woods, the days are getting shorter, the air is getting nippier and we’re longing more and more for some warm, comforting liquid nourishment. Soup season is upon us! Whether or not you are suffering from a cold or flu, we’re sure you’d agree that soups are basically like a loving hug for our insides. Whether you like them brothy, hearty, creamy, earthy or just plain quick, these recipes combine simple, yet delicious and nutritious ingredients for soup perfection.

Brothy – The Health Soup

This brothy concoction featured in the New York Times is filled with nutrient dense ingredients, like kombu seaweed (which contains vitamin C for immune support, vitamin A, great to keep mucous membranes healthy, and more), miso (packs zinc, among many other things, and it’s also probiotic, which improves the gut microbiome and immunity. Just make sure you add it a few minutes before serving, when the temperature is well below boiling, so you don’t kill all the healthy bacteria!), tofu (a good source of iron and zinc) and always-healthy greens. It’s also perfect for freezing, so you’ll always have some ready to go when you want to get a quick and healthy meal.

Hearty – One Pot Chili Mac & Cheese

You can’t get simpler than a one pot meal, and you can’t get more comfort food than mixing chili with mac & cheese. What?! This recipe includes kidney beans, which are an excellent source of folate, dietary fiber and copper as well as a good source of manganese, phosphorus, protein, vitamin B1, iron, potassium and magnesium. Meanwhile, the cumin is an excellent source of iron, which is essential to support your immune system working properly. Chili powder is a source of vitamins C and A, which are believed to help boost immunity, and, of course, the spiciness can help clear your nose and lungs!

Creamy – Creamy Carrot and Ginger Soup

If smooth and creamy is your style, you can’t go wrong with this carrot and ginger combination. The earthy sweetness of the carrots pairs beautifully with the bright spiciness of the ginger for a comforting yet refreshing dish. Carrots are rich in Vitamins A and C as well as iron and several antioxidants, all great for your immune system. Meanwhile we already know that ginger has wonderful anti-inflammatory and immune boosting powers.

Earthy – Best Ever Mushroom Soup

Ah, mushrooms. Besides the delicate, earthy deliciousness, mushrooms have actually been shown to be quite a wonder food! Turns out there may be plenty of immunity support and anti-inflammatory benefits to these little toadstools and this luscious recipe happens to combine them with thyme, which may also provide some help with coughs and sore throats. Who knew!

Quick – In a Hurry Kale Chickpea Soup

Now, if you’re fixing for something to satisfy your soup craving and provide tons of health benefits in a jiffy, this recipe ticks all the boxes. All hail the mighty kale. You might be sick of hearing about the greatness of kale, but, that doesn’t make it any less great. LOL. Kale actually contains a significant amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin K, both of which have been linked to anti-inflammatory benefits. Add to that the mighty chickpea, packed with iron and zinc, among many other things, and all the health benefits of garlic and this quick superfood soup will be a clear winner.

What are your favorite easy and healthy soups?

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