5 Healthy Snacks So Incredibly Easy You Can Make When You Are Sick!

Healthy Snacks Eating healthy is good for you and yada yada yada. We all know it. But actually following through on that? Yeah… But when you have a bad cold or the flu, when you get bone-crushing exhaustion just from reaching across the bed for the remote and your head feels like a balloon about to burst, the thought of preparing a healthy meal that will actually contribute to your recovery is probably about as likely as the thought of starring in a Broadway production of Hamilton in your sick day garb.

Well, today we’ve got some snack ideas for you that are as easy as pie, but are not pie. Actually, they’re much easier than pie, to be honest. Pie is a pretty involved pastry, so no idea what that expression is about. Easy as Sunday morning. There.

But they’re not just easy, they’re healthy and delicious too. The perfect combination, especially when your tired and sickly body can only take small bits of food at a time. So ultimately, that means that you can put a few of these together in mere minutes and be nourished all day. Score.

Let’s get started.

  1. Chickpeas
    One of the most complete foods there are, chickpeas are packed with antioxidants, fiber and nutrients which contribute to colon and cardiovascular health and keep you satisfied and even help keep your energy up (a bonus when you’re sick!). They are incredibly versatile and can be made into a huge variety of simple and delicious dishes. But what could be simpler than dumping a couple of cans on a baking sheet with some spices and popping it into the oven for the yummiest snack ever? Check out this recipe for Crispy Oven Roasted Chickpeas and then you can thank us.
  1. Toast
    Seriously. Toast. Can’t really get much simpler than that. Not just any toast, of course. The better your base ingredients (amazing bread, great veggies), the better your end result, naturally, and you can add anything you want to them (including immune-boosting ingredients like citrus jams, spinach, broccoli, garlic) but these pretty simple yet scrumptious looking recipes look a lot like the best thing since sliced bread.
  1. Chia
    From unique toast toppings to chia puddings, we might sound like we’re trying to get on Portlandia, but honestly, chia is where it’s at. You’ve got your antioxidants, your fiber, more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon, tons of protein, which gives you energy when your ailing body is failing you, and even a good amount of zinc (which, if you remember, is great for colds!). This recipe also makes a luscious combination of chocolate and coffee and is as easy as mixing everything together in a jar and popping it in the fridge overnight for a day of guilty pleasure-level health and energy boosts.
  1. Trail Mix
    Good old trail mix. Yes, it might be considered by some to be a stale idea (we see you rolling your eyes over in the back!), but as long as the nuts aren’t stale too, this is an excellent way to make sure you get your protein, good fats and fiber in an easy, and delicious way. Include almonds, brazil nuts and dark chocolate and you add an extra immune boost to help your body battle colds and flu! Making your own at home is quick and easy, and skips the excess salt and sugar. And really, who says trail mix can’t get a fresh take, like this amazing chai spiced recipe?
  1. Popcorn
    Yes, popcorn. It’s not just for movie theaters! This oft-forgotten snack has so many adaptations and reinventions it could be a Jane Austen novel. It’s really as simple as air popping a few kernels (healthier and not as hard as it sounds, you can do it in the microwave with a paper bag!) and mixing in some toppings. This super simple recipe uses immune boosting nut butters and that old cold and flu favorite, honey, turning the decadent delight of caramel popcorn into a deliciously protein packed and light on sugar alternative. So now you can turn your sick bed Glee binge into a marathon worthy of theater fare, without the sugar overload.

What are your go-to sick day snack ideas? Tell us about them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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