Behind the Scenes of With or Without Cold-EEZE Campaign

Are you suffering from a cold, or have you recently overcome one? If so, you’ll definitely relate to our latest set of commercials “With or Without Cold-EEZE,” demonstrating how to get back into the swing of things! We have the behind-the-scenes scoop from Jeff Pinilla and Matthew Pourviseh, our directors at NBTV Studios, who helped to break it down for us.


The concept behind the commercials originated from YouTube star Noah Kalina, who started a photography project called “Everyday” where he took a photo of himself every day for six years. For the final result, he edited around 2,400 photos into a time-lapse video that spans about five minutes. From this, NBTV thought, “What if we were to show a person getting sicker and sicker each day, as if they were taking selfies each morning to document their health?”


Utilizing a split screen where viewers can see identical twins side by side, the shot shows the one on the left (who takes Cold-EEZE) getting progressively healthier, while the one on the right (who does not take Cold-EEZE) gets progressively sicker. In total, 40 outfits were shot, and the makeup gradually got better or worse (depending on the twin) every five looks. The make-up artists even had to scale back the make-up at one point during the shoot because they realized the sicker twin slightly resembled a zombie – oops!

To illustrate the joy that results when you finally beat a cold, the backdrop opens up about midway through the commercial, showing a giant party in the background for the healthier of the two to join. To break conventional advertising, the producers took the party to another level as to even include a marching band and a Marcello Mastroianni Porsche.


NBTV was motivated to create a memorable set of scenes that helped viewers associate the style of the commercials with Cold-EEZE. They also wanted to tell a story that didn’t require a dialogue – essentially, you don’t have to speak the language or have the volume on while watching to understand what’s happening in the clip. Overall, there was a tremendous effort from all those involved who contributed to our fantastic final product – take a look, below! (Also, we forgot to mention — don’t miss a special guest appearance at the end from, Ted Karkus, Cold-EEZE CEO!)

With or Without Cold-EEZE from Cold-EEZE on Vimeo.

With or Without Cold-EEZE from Cold-EEZE on Vimeo.

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