Best Ways to Stay Healthy This V-Day!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Whether you’re planning a romantic candlelight dinner or looking for that perfect outfit for your dinner plans, running around making sure everything is perfect is no easy task.  And with all of the excitement surrounding the big day of love, nothing is worse than dealing with the onset of a cold.  The last thing you want as you prepare for your first kiss or the perfect kiss is your romantic lip-locking session to be interrupted by a runny nose or nasal congestion!

Since Valentine’s Day is in the peak of the cold and flu season, Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy has put together several “intimate” ways to stay healthy during your passionate and unforgettable night!

  • Double up on kissing – Did you know that exchanging bacteria with loved ones can help strengthen your immune system? So feel free to pucker up more!
  • Hit the gym – Regular exercise allows you to improve your overall fitness, which can ultimately help to boost your overall health and look good in that little black dress for that special dinner.
  • Listen to your favorite tunes – Music increases immunoglobulin A (IgA) production, an immune boosting protein. So try spending the night holding your love close to you and share a dance by the fireplace.
  • Take your partner for a coffee date! – Hot liquids help wash the virus out of your mouth and down into your stomach where it can’t grow due to the acids.
  • Don’t blow your nose! – As congesting as it sounds, don’t blow your nose; use a decongestant! Blowing too hard can sometimes push the mucus up into your sinuses, making you sicker.
  • Relax at the spa – Studies show that sitting in a sauna can detox a cold right out of your system – spa day for two on the 14th, please!

Still not feeling your best? Amongst your piles of Hershey’s kisses, take Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy lozenges, which are clinically proven to shorten the duration of the common cold by almost half!  Also consider new Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Plus Natural Immune Support + Natural Energy QuickMelts, formulated with zinc gluconate, Rose Hips and Echinacea, to shorten the duration of the common cold while providing natural immune support and restoring your energy naturally.


Planning any intimate Valentine’s Day dates that will also keep you healthy? Make sure you share it with the Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy community by logging on to the Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Facebook Page.

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