Cold vs. Allergies: How Can You Tell?

Stuffy nose, sneezing, congestion… all tell-tale signs that you are about to come down with the common cold — or are they? What’s really behind your symptoms: a cold or that pesky seasonal allergy? The symptoms of both unfortunately are similar.

But all you need is a little help from our Cold-EEZE team! We put together a handy infographic, below, which you can use to compare your symptoms, figure out what’s likely causing your discomfort and steer clear of an escalated illness**!


If you have seasonal allergies, you may find the following tips helpful:

  1. Avoid going out early morning/ late afternoon
  2. Wash clothes that you wore outside
  3. Take a shower before going to bed

If you find that you have a cold, don’t despair! These tips can help you get back in the swing of things in no time!

  1. Start taking a product with zinc gluconate to shorten your cold
  2. Wash your hands often, for at least 20 seconds
  3. Get lots of rest, fluids and a balanced diet

Did you know Cold-EEZE has a great product for allergy symptoms in addition to its family of products to shorten your cold? If it’s allergies, try our new Natural Allergy Relief which provides up to 12 hours of extended release. Natural Allergy Relief relieves both indoor and outdoor allergies.  And if you do, in fact, have cold symptoms, make sure you try our Cold-EEZE lozenges, which are clinically proven to shorten the duration of the common cold by almost half!  Have you ever mistaken a cold for allergies, or the other way around?

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**Not for diagnosis purposes; please contact your healthcare practitioner

Originally published August 2014. Updated June 2016

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