Six Wearables That Can Keep You Healthy

With the unending abundance of apps and wearables these days, choosing one isn’t nearly as easy as choosing a cold remedy that works!  Our goal is to help you get well faster, and in this case, that means keeping you on top of monitoring your healthy habits.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up the best fitness wearables to make choosing the right one for you simple and easy and get you on track to staying healthy.


New to the world of wearables? The Jawbone UP2 is a great wearable for anyone looking for a basic multi-function tracker at a great price (under $100). It tracks steps and sleep cycles, features a smart alarm and provides complete data insights into your performance!


Love sleep? Then you’ll want to study your habits more with the Jawbone UP2’s older sibling: the Jawbone UP3.  It features automatic sleep-tracking and in-depth sleep cycle data, including heart rate BPM, respiration rate, body temperature, as well as REM, light and deep sleep stats. The tracker also monitors day-to-day steps and your passive and active heart rate 24/7.


If you’re searching for a waterproof wearable, look no further than the Garmin Swim. It tracks your complete swim performance –pace, distance, stroke rate, calories, time – and can even detect which stroke you’re using! You can upload the data straight from the wearable into the online training log, dive deep into your daily analytics and analyze your daily swim performance to improve your workouts.


If you’re the type to hit the pavement (or the trails!), the Microsoft Band 2 blows its competition out of the water with a slew of unique features for runners. The band features GPS connectivity that provides accurate run tracking, as well as step monitoring, sleep monitoring, and 24/7 heart rate monitoring so you track your progress and monitor your health.


If you’re keen on health tracking but have affordability on the brain, the Misfit Flash hit the marketplace with a wearable that provides a great bang for your buck. With both step tracking and sleep monitoring, the band features a long battery life and is waterproof in case you want to go for a quick run in the rain! 


The company Fitbit has a version of its wearable called the Fitbit Charge HR – a favorite of celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. This version features step tracking, sleep monitoring, all-day heart rate tracking, stopwatch mode for workouts, and resting heart rate tracking. A great option for anyone looking for accurate data and feedback on your daily activity!

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