5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Despite Having a Cold!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air! Red hearts and cupids are on display all around, chocolates and roses stock the front of every grocery store, you have a fun date night planned, and...you feel a cold bringing you down faster than King Kong falling from the Empire State Building. Yikes. Or maybe (even worse!) your significant other just texted you to let you know they’re feeling incredibly under the weather, so looks like you’re on partner caretaker duty this Valentine’s Day.

Planning a great Valentine’s Day can be complex enough without a cold gumming up the works. With this wrench in your plans, you need ideas, and you need ‘em fast! Luckily, we’ve got you covered! Here are five creative suggestions for V-Day activities that will allow rest, keep the comforts of home close by, and allow a degree of separation, depending on how badly you don’t want the love you share to become the cold you share!

1. Netflix® Marathon Fort

A classic go-to for sick days, Netflix is here to save the day yet again. If you set the right tone, this could be a good backup option to substitute for the classic “dinner and a movie” date. And the truth is, your living room is likely to be much more comfortable than a theater seat, and is ideal for some much needed sick day rest. Gather up plenty of blankets and pillows, channel your inner kid, and make a fort! Then, just bring in some of those holiday twinkle lights and put on your favorite date night flick. Don’t let a cold be the end of your Valentine’s Day plans and enjoy some childhood whimsy and non-metaphorical “Netflix and chill”

2. Ordered-In Candlelit Picnic

Simple, tasty, and fun, order in your dinner and set a romantic atmosphere with some soft jazz and ambient lighting. Set out a small blanket on the living room floor and pretend you’re out eating under the stars! You can make it even more fun by being a little adventurous with the food as well. Spices, for instance, can be great for helping to clear out those sinuses, so if you don’t often have spicy food, you can check the “adventurous” and “sinus clearing” boxes at once! Perhaps Ethiopian food, Thai dishes, Vietnamese pho, or Indian food could be great options for something warm with a little bit of kick.

3. Cook as a Couple

On a budget or want something a little more hands on? Cook together instead! If this cold doesn’t have you or your S.O. completely knocked out or sniffling uncontrollably, cooking together can always be a fun activity. One of you can be in charge of all counter activities and the other in charge of all oven/stovetop activities. Here’s a suggestion: make a complex ramen with plenty of garlic and vegetables, which can help clear sinuses and is a delicious and comforting dish. Just make sure that all the “hands” that are “on” this dish are clean from cold germs!

4. Escape to Paradise on Your Couch

Here’s something a little more “out-of-the-box”. Vacation-planning and dreaming of new adventures with our partners can be a really fun activity, whether there is a real vacation on the immediate horizon or not. So take some time to sit on the couch together with a cup of tea, and plan your dream vacation. Share your getaway aspirations, picturesque Pinterest boards, and geographic fantasies. This could even be the start of a real plan you never thought possible! Browse those Costa Rican beaches and let your imaginations carry you away.

5. Paint and Sip

This one is especially fun. Gather those canvases, paints and paintbrushes, channel your inner Bob Ross (pull up one of his old videos on YouTube®!), or just let your imaginations run wild to create your own works of art! This activity can be slow, calm, and a great background for engaging conversation, learning more about each other or even about yourself. While alcohol isn’t the best thing to drink with a cold because of its dehydrating effect, try a hot cup of herbal tea or some extra special hot cocoa!

Overall, Valentine’s Day should be a time to cherish the one you love. Whatever you do, what matters most is that you’re engaged in quality time together, so be sure to enjoy this Valentine’s Day to the fullest with those you care about, with a cold or without!

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