5 Fun Brain Games to Keep Your Head Sharp When You’re Sick at Home

When your entire body feels heavy and sluggish and your nose takes turns oozing and then blocking your air supply, sometimes that screen you take with you to the bed where you’ve parked your sorry self can be your best friend. Whether it’s watching the funniest late night show moments or the top binge-worthy TV shows, your laptop, tablet or smartphone is most definitely an amazing sick day sidekick.

But we’re here to keep you on your toes, we have to keep moving, keep changing things up. So to give you a little variety, today we rounded up a few of the most fun ways to stay entertained on your death sick bed that also keep your brain prepped and ready to get back to business without skipping a beat, as soon as the rest of your body gets with the program. But don’t think you have to limit the brain exercises to sick days! Every day is a good day to boost that brainpower, people!

  1. If you really want to get serious (and seriously fun) about brain training, Lumosity is the place to go. As the golden standard of brain games, Lumosity’s team brings together research from around the world with world-class game designers to come up with some pretty great-looking and addictive brain power-uppers. With a premium plan you can even track your progress as your grey matter grows!
  2. From National Geographic Channel we have the Brain Games website, an extension of their Brain Games TV show. Explore the themes of each episode in depth through actually interesting and beautifully produced videos and cool evaluations. You’ll really start to know your own mind as you take evaluations, since the website starts to define what they call your “mind matrix”, and even lets you compare it to your friends.
  3. Another beautifully done hub for brain training is the FitBrains website by Rosetta Stone. You need to pay for full access to the whole shebang of over 60 games and 500 personalized training programs, but with their 5-day free trial you get 3 games a day to pump up some neurons. You can work out your memory, problem solving, concentration, thinking speed, language, and visual-spatial recognition with their games. But one thing that makes this site unique is that you can train emotional intelligence too, with games for social skills, social awareness, self-awareness and self-control. You can also get a fix of brainteasers on their blog. Believe it: they’re going to pump (clap) you up!
  4. Although Lumosity, Brain Games and FitBrains all benefit from extensive research behind their games, NeuroNation’s probably the more “academic” of this lot in the style department. They work in conjunction with leading universities in Germany and researchers to develop their courses and exercises, and they have even been awarded the Leonardo Award for Digital Prevention by the German Federal Ministry of Health and the German Health Insurance Company AOK. The site offers free evaluation, and a personalized program of memory, logic, perception, reasoning numeracy, and language exercises for your brain training pleasure.
  5. The Mind Games website is a repository of lots of online games focused on the mind. But their Brain Games section has some of the most interesting and fun options. The Brain Trainer and Brain Workout games are especially fun to start out with!

There you have it. All the juice you need to get the neurons firing at full blast. Keep these in mind (get it) next time you’re sick in bed or just need a quick work break. And don’t worry; we know you’re thanking us in your head.

Do you usually play brain games? Are you planning to start now? Tell us all about your brain escapades on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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