7 Easy Healthy Recipes for Summer

We know you’ve seen recipes all over the Internet and on the morning shows and on the Food Network all about how healthy and ecological it is to use seasonal fruits and vegetables in your recipes. We love that stuff. Juicy tomatoes; soft, nutty artichokes; bright, sweet peas. Those dishes always look so radiant and delicious! But…easier said than done, right? I mean, who has the time to find seasonal vegetables and lock themselves in the kitchen to come up with those perfectly plated creations? We can’t all be Martha Stewart, picking organic thyme from our backyard vegetable garden!

So we went out and found some simple yet beautiful and delicious recipes. But these aren’t just any easy recipes. They are also loaded with vitamin C, which, as you know, supports the immune system, vitamin A, which may play a role in keeping your immune system from causing inflammation, vitamin K, which lowers levels of inflammatory signs. And many more great vitamins and nutrients. So, you can have your heirloom tomato, and eat it too.

Healthy Summer Recipes

1. Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Spaghetti Squash with Asparagus, Ricotta, Lemon and Thyme

Let’s start with some spaghetti squash, because, why not? A great, healthy alternative to wheat pasta, spaghetti squash is loaded with vitamins A and C (as is thyme). Meanwhile, asparagus is an excellent source of vitamin K, as well as vitamin C, and vitamin E, all of which may be linked to lower inflammation. It’s also a great source of many other vitamins and minerals, like folate, copper, selenium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2. And of course, lemon, like other citrus, has long been associated with good levels of vitamin C, and it can also help relieve sore throat.

2. Scallop and Snow Peas Recipe

Seared Scallops with Snow Peas and Orange

Aside from being delicious, scallops cook in about 5 minutes and are one of the most sustainable seafood options. They are also absolutely packed with protein. Combined with the vitamins C and K of the snow peas and the orange juice, this is another super simple and delicious recipe loaded with nutrients.

3. Salmon and Snap Peas Recipe

One Pot Salmon with Snap Peas and Rice

Another variation of the previous formula (seafood+peas+carb), this simple, one-pot meal can be ready to eat in 25 minutes. The salmon is known for its vast amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, an anti-inflammatory, and it has plenty of B vitamins too. Meanwhile, the sweet crunch of the snap peas adds a dose of vitamin C to this fresh dish, too.

4. Cabbage and Chives Recipe

Roasted Cabbage with Chive Mustard Vinaigrette

Have you ever had roasted cabbage? Not to be missed. Cabbage is another veggie filled with vitamins K, C and B6, and the chive vinaigrette adds in some more C as well as A, making a well-balanced, healthy, easy dish.

5. Beets Panzanella Recipe

Beet and Rye Panzanella

Sweet and earthy salad is perfect for the season, and the beets and onions offer a good deal of vitamin C and anti-inflammatory benefits. Bright and colorful, this salad also includes citrusy orange, fresh herbs and creamy ricotta.

6. Kale and Baby Potatoes Recipe

Dinosaur Kale with Baby Potatoes

If you’re looking for something more fun to brighten a sick day, or to entertain your kids, this is the ticket. Multi-colored baby potatoes on a bed of dinosaur kale is whimsical, delicious and packed with vitamin C!

7. Asparagus and Artichokes Recipe

Roasted Asparagus Baby Artichokes

With just 17 minutes of work, you can have a brilliant mixture of flavors to satisfy your appetite. With both asparagus and artichokes being great sources of vitamins C and K, this dish, with olive oil, parsley, lemon, and pine nuts, really hits the spot.

What are your favorite easy, seasonal and fresh dishes?

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