7 Tips for a Total Cold Season Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Once again, cold season is upon us! It’s almost like we’re on some sort of cyclical timetable here. Weird!

We know that spring is traditionally the time for cleanup and renewal, but bear with us. With the kids back at school, the temperatures dropping and people congregating in close quarters more often, the probability of catching a cold over the next few months, is, let’s say, almost as certain as death and taxes. Which makes it the perfect time to go all “KonMari” on your medicine cabinet! Not that any cold medication is going to spark much joy (except Cold-EEZE — if we do say so ourselves, we find our sense of humor pretty special 😉 But surely seeing it all clean, organized, not expired and prepared for anything, will be able to spark a bit of that elusive joy, right?

But where to begin? You’re in luck because this month we had the pleasure to work with a wonderful pharmacist who has given us some excellent advice on how to renew our medicine cabinets and have them spic and span and ready for cold season!

Pharmacist recommended tips for your Cold Season Medicine Cabinet Makeover!

  1. Toss expired medications and products: Once you’ve opened a medication, or hygiene product, the clock starts ticking on its shelf life. Things are usually good for about a year from when they’re opened.
  2. Child-proof your cabinet: Medicine cabinets are not safe from curious children. If you must store medications in the medicine cabinet, install a child-resistant lock on the cabinet.
  3. Safely discard your medications: Landfill sites and water supplies become tainted with discarded medicines. A trip to the pharmacy is the safest way to discard of expired medication.
  4. Have the basics: replace any old toothbrushes and stock up on everyday basics such as toothpaste, mouthwash, lotions and contact solution.
  5. Replenish your stock: acetaminophen for fevers, aches and pains, something for motion sickness, an anti-diarrheal product, bandages and allergy medication.
  6. Consider your storage location: ‘Medicine Cabinet’ is a misnomer. Rethink where you keep your medicines. Humidity from steamy showers can expedite the expiry of medication. It’s best to keep them in a dry, cool place.
  7. Stock up on Cold-EEZE! Of course, you can’t forget the piece de resistance! Cold-EEZE has not only been clinically proven to reduce the duration of colds by 42%, it also happens to be the #1 pharmacist recommended zinc lozenge!

How are you making over your medicine cabinet this season? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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