The Ultimate 7 Piece Sick Day Survival Kit

Being sick can be a miserable experience. Your cold symptoms won’t let up, that sore throat feels like glass shards, your head is pounding! You wish you could breathe out of both of your nostrils and long for the day that you will no longer have a sore nose from blowing it so much. But don’t worry… Things can only look up from here! We’ve come up with the ultimate list of the 7 things you need to keep you sane, comforted and help you #GetWellFaster (And make sure you check out our Sick Day Survival Kit Pinterest board!).

Seven Tips mages

1. Comfortable clothes. To start your sick day off right, you want to be sure that you as comfortable as possible. If you’re lucky enough to be taking the day off, you can slip into your sweatpants or your comfiest pajamas. If you just can’t take a sick day, make sure the clothes you pick for the day won’t add to your discomfort! Baggy knits, leggings, fuzzy boots, whatever will keep you warm and cozy! Here are some great ideas.

2. Your Sick Day Necessities. The bare basics, of course, are tissues and hand sanitizer. These are great to keep close at all times, whether in your robe pockets, on your nightstand or in your purse. But the rest of the necessities will vary and can include things like moisturizing creams, lip balms, heating pads, water bottles, thermoses, thermometers, and anything else that you want to keep close on your sick day. Our tip? Make a checklist! By keeping your very own inventory count of your necessities you will be sure to have a full stock ready if you fall ill.

3. Somewhere to Rest. Resting when you’re sick is crucial because you need to give your body the time and opportunity to fight off the virus. Whether it’s your couch, your bed, a blanket fort or your own little nook , curl up with some cozy blankets and surround yourself with the fluffiest pillows to make it easier for you to get lots of regenerating rest.

4. Lots and Lots of Fluids. Another important factor in nursing yourself back to health is making sure that you are getting enough fluids in your system. Whether you pick teas, juices, soups or just plain water, stay hydrated so that your body can be in its best condition to fight off the virus and clear your secretions. To add your own personal spin on your drinks, try adding some ingredients that could help ease your cold, like ginger, honey, and lemon. Here’s one of our favorite recipes for Ginger-honey-lemon tea!

5. Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy. While rest and fluids are essential to help you fight your cold, taking Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy product as soon as you start to feel cold symptoms is a great way to actually shorten your cold. Cold-EEZE lozenges have been clinically proven to shorten the common cold by almost half. NEW this season, Cold-EEZE is introducing Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Plus Natural Multi-Symptom Relief that will not only reduce the duration of your cold, but will help relieve the symptoms of BOTH cold and flu! To ease that nasty cough, chest and nose congestion and even soothe your sore throat, keep a box of these in your sick day survival kit to help you get well faster!

Cold-EEZE Multi-Symptom

6. Nourishment. It’s very important to stay nourished— especially while sick. You may feel weak and not well enough to cook a hefty and well balanced meal, but luckily there are many easy recipes that you can cook up in no time AND will even help you feel better by incorporating ingredients like garlic, ginger and cayenne pepper! Chicken noodle soups are an obvious go-to and have been since your childhood, but have you ever tried them like this? If you’re not a fan of chicken noodle, there are many other delicious soups and stews that you can choose from, and you can find more quick, easy and healthy recipes right here!

7. Entertainment. Whether you’re stuck in bed for hours on end, or you need to take your mind off your suffering for a while, entertainment is an important part of any sick day. Turn the TV to your favorite guilty-pleasures, flick on the Netflix, or just direct your Smartphone browser to the Cold-EEZE Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to find plenty of links, videos and tips to put a smile on your face.

That’s it! Sick days are horrible no matter what, but with these 7 things, it might not be that bad, and you will greatly increase the chances that you will be back to health much faster! So snuggle up in your comfy clothes, jump into your resting-nook of choice with a hot cup of tea and tell yourself that even though you’re feeling awful, this will actually be the BEST sick day you’ve ever had!

What are your sick day essentials? Share with us here on the blog, or on our Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

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