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How to Create Your Own "Sick Day Survival" Self-Care Package

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Here at Cold-EEZE, we’re big fans of self-care. We know life gets stressful, often downright hard. And if we don’t take some time to take good care of ourselves, things can unravel very quickly. Sometimes we will only have energy for the most basic of care, and that’s ok. And very often the times when you most need some me-time is when you’re the most busy or sick.

We have a brilliant idea so that you don’t have to sacrifice your self-care. Put together a “Sick Day Survival” self-care package, ready with all of your personal essentials, to break out as a little gift for yourself when you’re feeling under the weather! We also love to make sure that as many of the items as possible bring a smile to your face. Why get the regular when you can get the fantastic, right? They make amazing gifts, too! ;)

Here are our top recommendations of what essentials to include in your own self-care package:

  1. Start with creature comforts

    We know feeling sick is often no fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself as you get better! Make sure to add some of what makes you feel most at ease to your self-care package. A cozy blanket, like this super-soft chenille blanket or a rejuvenating skin product, like these amazing bath bombs.

  2. Indulge with delicious healthy snacks

    Include some indulgent foods in your care package that will make you feel good inside and out! Healthy snacks will help your body heal faster and give you more energy throughout the day. Try snacks like dried mangoes and lightly salted cashews which are both delicious and good for your health. Check out these dried fruit baskets or for a more savory treat browse this selection of gourmet popcorn. Of course, that old favorite, good quality dark chocolate is luscious and may provide some health benefits, too.

  3. Stay hydrated in style

    We believe that staying hydrated while you’re sick doesn’t have to be a chore – and with a delicious tea and cute travel mug, you may even enjoy it! Make sure to stock up on your favorite tea or warm drink and include it in your self-care package. Try out a sampler tea package from your local tea shop to find a flavor that you love, or check out this selection of samplers! Don’t forget to include a nice travel mug in your care package too, so that you can bring your drink anywhere you go while you’re feeling under the weather.

  4. Take some time to relax

    Do you have a favorite book or magazine that you usually don’t have time to read? What about a movie that you’ve been dying to see? Grab a copy and stash it away in your self-care package. Take a break, relax, and let your body work on healing itself while you get time to catch up on your must-read list.

  5. Show that virus who’s boss

    Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the classics! Make sure to include hand sanitizer in your self-care package as well as extra-soft lotion tissues to help with the sniffles. And here’s an insider secret: These scented hand sanitizers will clean your hands without the chemical smell!

  6. A great and reliable cold remedy – throw in some Cold-EEZE!

    As the original and #1 best selling zinc lozenges, Cold-EEZE is sure to help you get back on your feet as fast as possible. Choose from our cold-shortening products , all conveniently available at your local drugstore. However you like to fight your cold, you can always trust Cold-EEZE zinc products to shorten your cold and help you get well faster.

  7. Package everything up – and remember where you stash it!

    If you’re going to give yourself a gift, you have to package it up properly! Find a nice basket or container to hold all your self-care package essentials and keep it somewhere where you can find it when you’re in need of some me-time! Try out these beautiful baskets or these tote bags .

With the help of these care packages, we hope that you’ll be able to focus on giving yourself the care that you need when a cold gets you down. Once you get well again, make sure to replenish your care package with new, fun supplies!

What would you put in your self-care package? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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