Surviving Cold and Flu Season: A Powerful Remedy for When Prevention Fails

Prevention should be your first line of defense during the cold and flu season. Washing your hands is probably the easiest method of preventing the spread of viral infections. Staying away from crowds is another effective means of avoiding cold and flu germs. And the best and, for many, most difficult way to prevent a cold or flu is to maintain a strong immune system. Getting enough sleep, eating balanced, nutritious meals, and avoiding stress are important steps for keeping your immune system strong.

Cold and Flu Treatment

Unfortunately, our lifestyles often keep us from doing what we need to do in order to strengthen our immune systems, and we end up sick. Although cold and flu symptoms are similar, their treatments differ. If you notice the symptoms of flu early, your doctor can prescribe a medication to shorten the length and severity of your illness. But if it’s a cold you’re fighting, your doctor has little to offer.

Modern medicine hasn’t found any cures for cold yet or figured out how to stop a cold in its tracks. So while you wait out a cold, you may have to seek temporary symptomatic relief using common cold remedies, sore throat home remedies and whatever the latest cold tips suggest.

Cold-EEZE®: May be One of Your Best Weapons to Shorten Colds This Cold and Flu Season

When cold and flu season comes calling, wouldn’t it be great if there was a remedy that you could count on to make your colds shorter? Well, there is. Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy lozenges are scientifically proven to shorten the duration of a cold by almost half.* Scientific studies suggest that the release of zinc ions – as found in Cold-EEZE® products’ unique zinc gluconate formula – inhibits the cold virus’ ability to replicate, shortening the duration of the common cold by almost half.*^

When you want to know how to treat a cold and not merely its symptoms, Cold-EEZE® gives you the answer: use a proven remedy that shortens the duration of the cold virus in your body. Clinical evidence from scientific studies shows that patients taking Cold-EEZE® lozenges reduced the duration of their colds by almost half compared to cold sufferers given a placebo.*

The best cold remedy for getting through the cold and flu is a remedy that helps to shorten your cold.

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Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy. Shorten Your Cold!

* Cleveland Clinic (1996) and Dartmouth College (1992) studies demonstrate that Cold-EEZE® lozenges shorten the duration of the common cold. For more information, click here.

*^ Although the precise mechanism by which zinc ions interfere with the cold virus has not been scientifically established, the Cleveland Clinic study demonstrated that Cold-EEZE® lozenges significantly reduced the duration of the common cold. For more information, click here.