Cold Tips to Relieve and Shorten Your Cold*

With the internet making it easier than ever to share information and advice, cold sufferers in search of cold tips face an almost overwhelming range of suggestions and claims. The best cold tips are those for which there’s a good degree of evidence and consensus. Along with the well-known cold tips like getting plenty of rest and fluids, other cold tips worth heeding include:

  • Drink teas made from healing herbs such as ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, or fenugreek.
  • Gargle with warm salt water to ease a sore throat and bronchial congestion.
  • Use a “neti pot” with sterile salt water to clear your nasal passages of mucus and irritants.

Most cold tips have one thing in common: they aim to ease cold symptoms, so you don’t suffer as much. But to actually shorten a cold, the right tip is to take Cold-EEZE®, a zinc cold remedy. Cold-EEZE® shortens the duration of a cold so that you get better faster.*

Cold-EEZE® Lozenges

Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy lozenges have been clinically proven to reduce the duration of the common cold.* In double-blind, placebo-controlled studies at Dartmouth College and the Cleveland Clinic, patients taking lozenges with the unique zinc gluconate formula found in Cold-EEZE® had the duration of their colds cut by almost half compared to patients taking placebos.

Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy is safe to take with most other medications. You can follow your favorite cold tips to ease your symptoms, and at the same time take Cold-EEZE® to shorten your cold.*

Cold-EEZE®: Shorten Your Cold!

For the best results, take Cold-EEZE® whenever you start to feel cold symptoms – the earlier, the better. Another tip that should be near the top of your list of cold tips: keep a supply of Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy in your medicine cabinet so you have it on hand when you need it!

Find a store near you that carries Cold-EEZE®, or stock up on Cold-EEZE® from our online store (free shipping on all orders over $25) so you’re prepared the next time you or a loved one catches a cold.

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*Cleveland Clinic (1996) and Dartmouth College (1992) studies demonstrate that Cold-EEZE® lozenges shorten the duration of the common cold. For more information, click here.