The Next Best Thing to a Cure for Common Cold

A cure for common cold has long been sought by medical scientists and home remedy enthusiasts. If by cure for common cold we mean something that ends colds immediately, there’s unfortunately still no known cure for common cold.

Happily though, there’s a clear “next best thing”: not a cure for common cold per se, but a scientifically proven way to reduce the duration of colds.

Shorten Your Common Cold

There’s no cure for common cold, but there is a proven way to shorten your cold. Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy lozenges, with their unique zinc gluconate formula, have been clinically proven to shorten colds by almost half.*

So while Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy lozenges aren’t a cure for common cold, they’re a proven way to shorten your cold*

Effective and Safe

Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy is a natural cold medicine that’s safe to take with most other medications including symptom relievers. Though there’s no instant cure for common cold, it’s comforting to know you can take your preferred symptom relievers while you’re also taking Cold-EEZE® to shorten your cold.

Next time you’re in need of a cold remedy, remember that Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy is the #1 pharmacist-recommended zinc cold remedy**. Along with our best-selling lozenges, Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy is also available as an oral spray or in a package of QuickMelts® that includes both daytime and nighttime cold medicine. Each dose of the Oral Spray or the Daytime/Nighttime QuickMelts contains the same amount of cold remedy found in the clinically proven Cold-EEZE® lozenges.

When you’re sniffling and sneezing, , Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy can have you feeling better faster. Get some today at a store near you. Or, stock up from our online store (free shipping on all U.S. orders over $25) so you’ll have Cold-EEZE® on hand next time you or a loved one catches a cold.

Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy. Shorten Your Cold!

* Cleveland Clinic (1996) and Dartmouth College (1992) studies demonstrate that Cold-EEZE® lozenges shorten the duration of the common cold. For more information, click here.

**Based on the 2015 OTC Guide