Finding the Right Natural Cold Medicine

With the growing popularity of natural remedies, today’s cold sufferer has a lot of options for natural cold medicine. When choosing a natural cold medicine, be sure to find answers to these questions:

  • What evidence is there that the natural cold remedy really works as claimed?
  • Is the natural cold medicine safe to take with other types of cold treatment?
  • Are the benefits of the natural cold medicine limited to easing cold symptoms, or can it actually help make your cold shorter?

Zinc as a Natural Cold Medicine

Zinc and colds were in the news recently when a comprehensive review of clinical research concluded that zinc cold medicine can reduce the duration of the common cold. Scientific theory suggests that the effectiveness of zinc as a natural cold medicine comes from the ability of zinc ions to block a cold virus from replicating within the upper respiratory system of the cold sufferer.*

Study results also suggest that effectiveness varies depending on the particular formula used in a zinc-based common cold remedy. The problem, according to a recent article published by Pharmacy Times, is that too many manufacturers use “chelating and flavoring agents, which may reduce the availability of ionic zinc and thus the efficacy of the product.”

Cold-EEZE® Lozenges: The Natural Cold Medicine Proven to Shorten Colds*

Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy is a natural cold medicine made with zinc gluconate. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of the Cold-EEZE® lozenges unique zinc gluconate formula, which does not include any additives that can impair the power of zinc ions. In double-blind, placebo-controlled studies at Dartmouth College and the Cleveland Clinic, patients taking the Cold-EEZE® lozenges had the duration of their colds cut by almost half. That’s 3 or 4 days off the length of the typical cold!*

Cold-EEZE® natural cold medicine does not make you drowsy or affect your blood pressure and is safe to take with most other medications. Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy has no artificial colors or preservatives and is available in a convenient oral spray, as well as our best-selling zinc lozenge.

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Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy. Shorten Your Cold! Don’t Just Treat Your Symptoms.

Cleveland Clinic (1996) and Dartmouth College (1992) studies demonstrate that Cold-EEZE® lozenges shorten the duration of the common cold. For more information, click here.

1 Nikhil Patel, PharmD, RPh, “The Use of Zinc for Colds: What Pharmacists Need to Know,” Pharmacy Times Continuing Education, November 15, 2011.