Sore Throat Home Remedies May Provide Immediate Relief

Unless your sore throat is the result of a bacterial infection, antibiotics won’t be an effective treatment. If a cold virus is at the root however, you may find immediate relief from your symptoms using sore throat home remedies and over-the-counter cold medicine.

While you rest, stay hydrated, and keep the air in your home or office moist as your body fights off the cold, you can try one of the most well-known and Mom-recommended sore throat home remedies: the saltwater gargle. Or, if you’d prefer a tastier remedy for sore throat, sip warm chicken broth or sweeten your favorite tea with honey. A trip to your local health food store may introduce you to herbal or homeopathic sore throat remedies with which to experiment as well.

Sore Throat Home Remedies and Most Cold Remedies Only Bring Temporary Relief

If you would rather stick to the cold and cough remedies found in drugstores, non-prescription decongestants or saline nasal sprays can help you cope with a sore throat caused by sleeping with your mouth open because of clogged nasal passages. If you’re suffering from a bad cough and need help getting through the night, cough suppressants and nighttime cold medicine may be good options to try along with sore throat home remedies.

Unfortunately, when it comes to over-the-counter medication, even with the strongest remedy for a cold on the market, you may not find lasting relief and in most cases, it won’t help you get over that cold any quicker. This is because cold medicines and sore throat home remedies only treat the symptoms of your illness – not the virus making you sick.

Cold-EEZE® Cold Remedy

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* Cleveland Clinic (1996) and Dartmouth College (1992) studies demonstrate that Cold-EEZE® lozenges shorten the duration of the common cold. For more information, click here.

*^ Although the precise mechanism by which zinc ions interfere with the cold virus has not been scientifically established, the Cleveland Clinic study demonstrated that Cold-EEZE® lozenges significantly reduced the duration of the common cold. For more information, click here.

**Based on the 2015 OTC Guide