Cold-EEZE® Products

Whether you want to shorten the duration of your cold or need relief from cold, flu or allergy symptoms, Cold-EEZE® offers a range of effective over-the-counter products so that you’ll feel better faster.

Zinc Cold Shortening

Cold-EEZE® zinc gluconate cold remedy is one of the best ways to shorten the duration of your cold. Shortens your cold, works faster®.

Zinc Cold Shortening PLUS

Cold-EEZE® Cold Shortening Lozenges, Gummies, QuickMelts and Oral Spray PLUS products shorten your cold and provide additional benefits to help you feel better.

Cold & Flu Symptom Relief

Cold-EEZE® cold and flu products provide temporary relief of the symptoms associated with the common cold and flu.

Shorten and Relieve

When you combine our best-selling zinc gluconate lozenges with our line of liquid symptom relievers, Cold-EEZE® is the one brand you’ll need to both shorten your cold and relieve your symptoms so you’ll feel better.

Children's Symptom Relief

Products specially formulated for children to help relieve symptoms associated with the common cold.

Natural Allergy Relief

Get long-lasting, natural relief of symptoms from indoor and outdoor allergies, including congestion, itchy eyes and runny nose.